Accupedia solves challenges of integrating standardized concentrations while adding additional safeguards to protect your patients.

Accupedia orders Accurate Pediatric drips based upon standardized concentrations and fluid load. Accupedia solves challenges of integrating standardized concentrations while adding additional safeguards to protect your patients. One-button optimization of complicated drip order sets minimizes fluids and maximizes dose based on preset algorithms developed by the University of Maryland. A comprehensive, clear order sheet is produced for each drip - including patient specific titration charts.


  • Improves medication safety in PICU/NICU
  • Eliminates incomplete, erroneous and illegible orders
  • Facilitates speedier, yet well-informed ordering decisions
  • Integrates standardized concentrations into order workflow
  • Optimizes drip orders for fluid load
  • Facilitates compliance with Joint Commission recommendations
  • Eliminates need for the "rule of six"Simplifies historical auditing of concentration changes
  • Simplifies nursing job of titrating drips
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More information at the time of prescribing: overall fluid status, standardized drip concentration list and safety-driven decision support -- all on one screen.

  • Fast and easy to use and to learn
  • Fully customizable
  • ADT patient interface
  • Patent pending technology developed at the University of Maryland
  • Drip orders driven by customizable "encyclopedia" of standardized concentrations
  • Customizable, pre-set concentration sets by drug, diluent and service area
  • Speedy, yet accurate, drip order set creation
  • Real time feedback of fluid load as order set is created
  • Easy to read, ready-to-print order form produced
  • Automatic generation of titration list for each drip
  • Double-sign off on concentration alterations
  • Safety-driven decision support around concentrations, fluid and dosing
  • Hard and soft stop alerts with optional override settings
  • Full audit history of changes and drip orders

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What People Say

"Accupedia has provided a platform for us to standardize our drip concentrations without a significant learning curve for our physicians."

Steven G. Janke,
PharmD, IT Support Pharmacist,
Bronson Methodist Hospital

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