Amplifi®Formulary and pharmacy communications

Amplifi provides the most versatile, easy-to-use tool to manage, update, and communicate drug formularies in print, on the web, and on handhelds.

It effectively and swiftly communicates vital patient safety information, as well as policies and procedures, throughout the entire organization (and community providers and patients if desired). Simply put, it amplifies the voice and impact of pharmacy.


  • Improved communications among pharmacy, nursing, and medical staff
  • Reduced pharmacy costs (time, labor, and money)
  • Access provided to physicians, nurses wherever they need it
  • Faster, safer decisions for improved patient care
  • Addresses multiple Joint Commission standards and National Patient Safety Goals
  • Reduce medication errors and increase patient safety


Fast and easy to use and to learn

  • Fully customizable
  • ADT patient interface
  • Patent pending technology developed at the University of Maryland
  • Drip orders driven by customizable “encyclopedia” of standardized concentrations
  • Customizable, preset concentration sets by drug, diluent and service area
  • Speedy, yet accurate, drip order set creation
  • Real time feedback of fluid load as order set is created
  • Easy to read, ready-to-print order form produced
  • Automatic generation of titration list for each drip
  • Double-sign off on concentration alterations
  • Safety-driven decision support around concentrations, fluid and dosing
  • Hard and soft stop alerts with optional override settings
  • Full audit history of changes and drip orders

More information at the time of prescribing: overall fluid status, standardized drip concentration list and safety-driven decision support — all on one screen.


Additional Features:

  • Highly customizable site, content, and functionality
  • Manage formulary items (includes compounded items) by formulation Identify and cross-reference drugs with therapeutic interchanges
  • Attach alerts, recalls, dosing guidelines, and notes
  • Versatile and flexible reporting capabilities
  • Single point access to P&T notes, pharmacy policies & procedures, and links to pertinent resources
  • Full service set-up and ongoing support

Pharmacy OneSource®

Pharmacy OneSource® helps clinical leaders at more than 1,200 healthcare organizations achieve their goals to improve patient safety, clinical outcomes, compliance, and financial performance. A comprehensive suite of HIPAA- compliant, web-based solutions provide the foundation needed to advance patient surveillance initiatives, enhance regulatory compliance, streamline clinical workflows, and improve medication tracking and management.

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