MedBoard®Medication tracking system

MedBoard is the first wireless, web-based medication tracking system for hospitals.

Medication Tracking is a largely unmet need in the hospital pharmacy. Hospital pharmacists receive calls all day long from nurses asking where the medication they ordered is, and when it can be expected to be delivered.

MedBoard is a web-based Medication Tracking System that records and tracks preparation and delivery activities so you know when the medications left the pharmacy and where they were delivered.


Monitor deliveries and minimize look-ups

  • Identify the last person to handle a medication and reduce diversion
  • Enhance productivity and identify undelivered orders

Enhance communication by allowing nurses to view order status

  • Increase workflow efficiency by queuing and prioritizing orders
  • Track time sensitive orders
  • Reduce expired and lost inventory costs
  • Reduce waste and re-work of orders

Demonstrate pharmacy preparation and delivery performance

  • Justify staffing levels
  • Quantify pharmacy performance
  • Develop superior auditability



  • Record deliveries via wireless and tethered barcode scanners (linear and 2D)
  • Display real-time status of medications via secure website
  • View information using only a web browser
  • Customize views for pharmacists, nurses, technicians and other providers
  • Develop robust reports to demonstrate delivery performance
  • Seamlessly integrates with hospital IT systems
    Incorporates customizable checkpoints and rules
  • HIPAA compliant

Pharmacy OneSource®

Pharmacy OneSource® helps clinical leaders at more than 1,200 healthcare organizations achieve their goals to improve patient safety, clinical outcomes, compliance, and financial performance. A comprehensive suite of HIPAA- compliant, web-based solutions provide the foundation needed to advance patient surveillance initiatives, enhance regulatory compliance, streamline clinical workflows, and improve medication tracking and management.

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