Pharmacy Module

Sentri7 excels in the real-time, critical analysis of medication therapy. Sentri7 ensures patients are receiving the most appropriate drug at the correct dose while continuously monitoring ongoing therapy.

Sentri7 addresses multiple pharmacy-centric initiatives, including:

Antimicrobial stewardship

  • Antimicrobial agent selection: electronic rolling, 12-month antibiogram
  • Culture surveillance: de-escalation, drug-bug mismatch notification
  • Antimicrobial dose and route optimization: renal dosing, PK monitoring, IV-to-oral conversions

Medication management

  • Medication cost containment: monitor high cost agents, enforce therapeutic interchanges
  • Protocol/policy compliance: CMS Core Measures/VBP, TJC medication management
  • Dose and route optimization: renal dosing, IV-to-oral conversions

Medication safety

  • ADE prevention and early detection: real-time risk assessment, simplified AE/ADE reporting, drug-drug interaction surveillance
  • High-risk drug monitoring: ISMP targeted agents, FDA black box warnings
  • Critical lab/level surveillance, continuous monitoring, absolute and relative value triggers

VTE and anticoagulation management

  • Targeted anticoagulant monitoring: track all anticoagulant agents and relevant lab data, timely conversion to warfarin from heparin
  • Ensure safety: critical values alerts, HIT early risk identification
  • Regulatory and quality measure compliance: TJC NPSG, CMS VTE and stroke measures

Antimicrobial stewardship

KLAS clinical decision support


 2015/2016 Category Leader for Clinical Decision Support – Surveillance