Pharmacy Management Software

“Quantifi helped The Valley Hospital achieve 55,535 interventions which produced $3.5 million of cost savings in one year!”

Carlo Lupano
Pharmacy Manager
The Valley Hospital

Clinical Intervention Documentation

Month after month, your pharmacy makes numerous clinical interventions that improve the quality of patient care. You want and need to create reports that show how and when those interventions occurred, intervention acceptance rates and associated cost savings.

Quantifi enables you to quickly document and report on interventions, errors and key financial data so you can spend more time on clinical activities that improve care and control costs while effectively demonstrating the value of your pharmacy programs.

A pharmacy management tool to improve care—and build credibility

As the most widely used clinical intervention documentation and reporting tool in U.S. hospital pharmacies and health systems, Quantifi:

  • Enhances patient care: Spreadsheets document interventions and indicate follow up actions needed and taken, helping ensure that patients receive the appropriate medication, testing or other follow up needed for optimal care.
  • Promotes communication with clinicians: Clinicians receive instant email alerts about interventions, adverse drug reactions and medication errors, ensuring that those involved in a patient’s care receive information on a real-time basis and can adjust care appropriately.
  • Improves pharmacy performance: Benchmark data from similarly sized hospitals and standardized reports make it easier to assess staff, manager and unit productivity and effectiveness as well as to set and track progress toward goals.
  • Increases awareness of pharmacy contributions: Standardized, web-based reports of interventions, errors, intervention acceptance trends and financial impact with graphical and flexible presentation formats clearly demonstrate the value of pharmacy activities to management while taking minimal time to produce.
  • Streamlines reporting: Easy documentation of clinical activities on handheld or desktop devices means fewer activities go unreported and less time is devoted to completing documentation. As a result, reports to management and the Joint Commission are more complete and accurate.