Quantifi®Intervention and error documentation and reporting

Quantifi is the #1 customizable clinical intervention documentation and reporting tool for hospital pharmacies and health systems.

Pharmacists document and monitor their clinical interventions, medication errors, and adverse drug reactions quickly and easily via the web or handheld computer. Pharmacy managers run detailed reports right off the web to identify, among other things, trends in intervention acceptance, time spent doing clinical activities, and costs avoided. Quite simply, Quantifi provides pharmacy managers with key financial data to quantify and to improve their clinical programs and staff.


  • Improves patient care with ongoing follow up
  • Saves time developing management reports of aggregate clinical activities
  • Increases productivity of staff and managers
  • Facilitates standardization and performance improvement
  • Increases credibility of pharmacy numbers in the eyes of administrators
  • Helps you meet Joint Commission requirements in medication management
  • Reduces the time documenting pharmacy clinical activities


  • E-mail notification for instant alert of interventions, adverse drug reactions and medication errors
  • ADT patient interface
  • Shared follow up for ongoing monitoring of patients clinical events
  • Real-time management reporting and trending graphical, tabular and exportable
  • Benchmarking among hospitals in your bed size
  • System Manager access for easy group hospital setup and reporting
  • Standardization ready: All drop lists are fully customizable and controllable
  • Quick and easy documentation of pharmacy clinical activities – web or handheld
  • Integrated Clinical Tools Calculators, Therapeutic Interchange, Antibiograms
  • Includes complimentary access to DIOne drug information
  • Minimal setup time with easy-to-follow online training
  • System is fully secure and HIPAA compliant same security as financial transactions on the web
  • Full service setup and ongoing support

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What People Say

“Quantifi helped The Valley Hospital achieve 55,535 interventions which produced $3.5 million of cost savings in one year!”

Carlo Lupano
Pharmacy Manager
The Valley Hospital

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