Sentri7® is a web-based, real-time, clinical surveillance and decision support software that drives continuous improvement and empowers healthcare organizations to achieve excellence in care delivery.

Today’s healthcare organizations are challenged to improve quality and safety in an environment that demands overall cost reductions while ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

Healthcare leaders across the country are using Sentri7 to find solutions to some of today’s most important healthcare initiatives including antimicrobial stewardship, medication management, medication safety and VTE.

Drive quality outcomes

Sentri7 ensures optimal treatment through identification of gaps in care and the delivery of timely clinical insights at the point-of-care.

Improve patient safety

Sentri7 continuously monitors high-profile patient safety concerns and provides a real-time method of identifying patients at risk for an adverse event.

Optimize performance and compliance

Sentri7 provides a real-time approach for continuous improvement around CMS value-based goals and other regulatory requirements and helps avoid penalties and maximize reimbursement.

Deliver highly coordinated care

Sentri7 helps rapidly identify patients at risk for readmission and assists with coordination during care transitions.

Leverage information technology investments

Sentri7 transforms data from your EMR and other information systems into actionable real-time healthcare knowledge that highlights critical opportunities for care improvement and cost reduction.

Sentri7 Benefits

  • Faster: Real-time information means zero time delay in identification of at-risk patients, ensuring compliance with best practices
  • More Efficient: Designed to your workflow, allowing you to streamline data collection and maximize your time in intervention activities
  • Easier to Use: All clinicians can write their own surveillance rules in minutes “on the fly” without any internal IT or Sentri7 staff involvement
  • Evidence-Based Medicine: Integration with UpToDate, the only clinical knowledge system associated with improved outcomes, and drug information from Lexicomp
  • Flexible Application: Multiple features customizable by facility, hospital department and the individual clinician
  • Always Current: Quarterly updates are automatically applied with new features, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date version available, without complicated and lengthy upgrades
  • Cost Effective: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model means no hardware purchases are required, just a subscription fee that includes unlimited users

Examples of clinical surveillance Sentri7 performs:

  • Antibiotic review when culture and sensitivity reports come back, identifying sensitive and resistant drug/bug combinations
  • Anticoagulation status for DVT patients
  • Surgical prophylaxis stopped 24 hours after surgery
  • EPO in Renal Failure Only
  • IV to PO alerts
  • Renal alerts
  • Alerts for Kayexelate, Naloxone, or Diphenhydramine STAT orders