Real-Time Clinical Surveillance

The Sentri7 clinical surveillance platform constantly monitors and evaluates patient data using proprietary clinical content. It sends evidence-based alerts to clinicians in real time, analyzes outcomes and provides reporting to enable continuous improvement.

Sentri7 is proven to assist in reducing readmissions, hospital acquired infections, length of stay, and dramatically decrease the cost of care.

Sentri7 is a real-time clinical decision support surveillance platform that drives continuous improvement and empowers clinicians to achieve excellence in care delivery.  It leverages the investment in the EMR infrastructure to allow clinicians to operate smarter and more efficiently.

An interoperable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Sentri7 is a HIPAA-compliant clinical decision support surveillance solution that is quick to implement, scalable and extremely effective.

Sentri7 clinical content is created and maintained by clinicians and put through a rigorous editorial process that synthesizes the most up-to-date medical information into accurate, trusted, evidence-based alerts and care recommendations designed to achieve important clinical outcomes.



18% reduction in C.dificile infections (35,000 bed health system)

15% decrease in targeted broad-spectrum antibiotics representing cost savings of $1,621,730


$250,000 in hard cost savings within 6 months


How It Works

The Sentri7 platform can be tailored by hospital clinicians to meet the dynamic challenges they face every day. First, patient data such as lab results, vitals and medication orders are continuously extracted from the hospital’s EMR. Then, proven, evidence-based algorithms are used to identify specific situations that require clinical attention and real-time alerts are communicated to clinicians so they can take immediate, appropriate action. Finally, outcomes are evaluated and reports allow teams to adjust their programs as necessary to consistently improve patient care.



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