Sentri7®: Clinical Pharmacy

Healthcare organizations are now driven by pay-for-performance models, where the quality of patient outcomes directly affects reimbursement. Healthcare administrators are looking for ways to contain costs by optimizing medication therapy, reducing length of stay, and readmissions.

Sentri7 can help impact patient care through evidence-based recommendations of optimal medication therapy for patients.



$6,169,593 in direct cost savings over 6 years


200% increase in clinical care interventions per month

3X savings in adverse events within 1 year


Over $3 million in soft cost savings


Sentri7 ensures patients are receiving the most appropriate drug at the correct dose via the optimal route while continuously monitoring ongoing therapy. Real-time alerts accurately and intelligently filter information by identifying gaps in medication-related care and efficiently delivering the right information at the right time to clinicians, guiding them to the best therapeutic outcomes.

Pharmacy in Sentri7

  • Medication management: Drug selection and dose optimization, renal dosing, IV-to-oral conversions
  • Medication safety: ADE early detection and prevention, customized drug – drug interaction monitoring, high-risk and high-cost drug monitoring
  • VTE and anticoagulation management: Targeted anticoagulant and lab value monitoring, critical values alerts, HIT early risk identification


Learn how pharmacists at Thomas Jefferson University use Sentri7 to improve quality of care

Supporting the Pharmacy Workflow



Learn how investing in a clinical decision support system saves significant time and resources over customizing EMR-based systems

“We’ve been able to see some changes in our MICs… We’ve been able to reduce our carbapenem use, our quinolone use, so we’re pretty happy about that. The reward is definitely worth it; you can see through your antibiogram that good changes are happening.”