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A Better NHSN Infection Prevention Reporting Strategy with Sentri7 LabID Functionalities

The stakes for optimal infection prevention are higher than ever for hospitals. Heightened regulatory requirements targeting healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) coupled with mandatory public reporting to the National Health Safety Network (NHSN) create a perfect storm of economic and reputational implications for healthcare organizations.

The goal of any infection prevention department is to work top-of-license in today’s performance-based healthcare climate, yet many lack the resources needed to proactively address ongoing and emerging issues. Manual, burdensome processes associated with performing surveillance, aggregating and analyzing data and reporting on patients across an entire hospital or health system often result in reactive clinical response.

The good news is that advanced solutions exist that can notably improve this outlook. The results of a new time study reveal that Sentri7®‘s expanded LabID functionality enables infection prevention professionals to complete NHSN reporting in one-third the time on average as they could without the clinical surveillance solution.

Conducted across customers beta testing the new offering, the time study solicited before-and-after feedback regarding how use of LabID impacted NHSN reporting workflows. Many infection prevention departments reported recouping as much as two hours per month to their workflows, and some pointed to efficiency gains as high as six times their previous reporting speed.

Beyond NHSN reporting, a web-based, real-time clinical surveillance and decision support system like Sentri7 can move infection prevention from reactive to proactive by:

  • Automating real-time data aggregation of critical patient data from EMRs and other disparate lab and clinical systems on a continuous basis, flagging potential infection and antimicrobial issues quickly to enable proactive clinical response.
  • Providing actionable, risk-stratified information, drawing attention to urgent issues and the greatest opportunities for improvement.
  • Supporting clinicians through dashboards, clinical rules and reports that automatically fit into workflows without IT support.
  • Providing actionable, evidence-based information at the point of care that enables clinicians to immediately address issues, optimize quality and deliver consistent care.

Contact us to learn more about how Sentri7’s new LabID functionality can improve your NHSN reporting workflows and support a top-of-license approach to infection prevention staff.

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