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A Better Compliance Outlook

Wolters Kluwer Pharmacy OneSource solutions position healthcare organizations for regulatory success

Here at Wolters Kluwer, we are staying one step ahead of industry movements to prepare our customers for success amid fluid regulatory changes. As healthcare advances to improve the outlook on care delivery, executives are attempting to balance regulatory reporting and compliance mandates with limited resources and declining reimbursement.

Specifically, federal mandates introduced by U.S. Pharmacopeia and new accreditation requirements from the Joint Commission are tightening the belt on sterile compounding safety and antimicrobial stewardship. That’s why healthcare organizations are increasingly looking to our advanced Pharmacy OneSource safety and surveillance portfolios to ease transitions with national initiatives and position for success. Here’s a look at why.

Safe and Compliant Sterile Compounding

As the healthcare industry continues to grapple with developing and enforcing the standardization of best practice guidelines for sterile compounding, clinical and financial leaders are turning towards automation. Our Simplifi 797® solution enables hospitals to confidently meet the demands of the U.S. Pharmacopeia standards, with a heavy focus on USP Chapters <797> (USP 797) and <800> (USP 800), ensuring facilities meet sterility and safety requirements, as well as provide employees with protocols to alleviate excess interactions with hazardous compounds.

USP 797 was introduced in 2004 as the first official and enforceable sterile preparation compounding mandate. Because states were responsible for adopting and regulating the standard, the intensity and frequency of certification audits varied widely. With the recent addition of compounding sterility to the Joint Commission audit procedures, it has become even more critical to ensure hospitals can demonstrate compliance with USP 797 now and with USP 800 by June 2018.

Simplifi 797 offers the leading platform hospitals use to manage compliance with USP 797 and USP 800.  Simplifi 797 expert developed policies and procedures, tasks and schedules help hospitals ensure they have the right programs in place to ensure compliance.  Alerts to staff and leadership help ensure scheduled work is completed as planned, and a full suite of reports makes preparing for and successfully completing an audit painless.

Clinical Surveillance for Proactive Antimicrobial Stewardship

Over 2 million individuals in the U.S. are infected by antibiotic resistant bacteria each year, which has led to associated costs reaching as high as $34 billion. Inappropriate antimicrobial use and the rising emergence of super bugs have driven hospitals to initiate clinical governance around antibiotic use. In addition, new requirements from the Joint Commission require hospitals to demonstrate they have systems in place to reduce inappropriate utilization through formal antimicrobial stewardship programs (ASPs). The evolution of ASP mandates is expected to continue as CMS also initiated action through a proposed rule in 2016.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are leveraging clinical surveillance systems to support high-performing ASPs.

Sentri7® provides clinicians with a full service antimicrobial stewardship solution.  We know it is labor intensive to start up a new initiative, so we have developed hundreds of evidence-based surveillance rules that will jump start a new ASP and enhance existing programs.  Our reporting will help clinicians evaluate their program’s success and find opportunities for new areas of focus.  And our professional services offering can help clients identify and prioritize gaps in their program to ensure they are pursuing the most valuable priorities first.

Sentri7 has again been awarded the highest surveillance category score in the Clinical Decision Support 2016 report from KLAS.   We’re proud of this achievement, and we’re excited to work with all of our customers to help them improve outcomes and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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