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Antimicrobial Stewardship: Moving Towards High Performance

Antimicrobial stewardship remains a national regulatory priority to drive outcomes improvement in today’s hospitals. Staggering statistics related to inappropriate use of antibiotics and the rising emergence of super bugs necessitates implementation of high-performing initiatives to get ahead of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and costs.

Forward-looking healthcare organizations recognize the urgency around antimicrobial stewardship—and the opportunity. As such, many are already reporting critical antimicrobial usage (AU) information to stakeholders and the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN). While voluntary participation is a critical first step, current industry movements suggest there will be more definitive requirements up the road.

For instance, the Joint Commission has already enacted requirements around antimicrobial stewardship, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued a proposed rule in 2016 that would also require hospitals to meet new performance criteria including methods of tracking AU.

The good news for Sentri7 clients is that they are already prepared. Automated AU reporting functionality provides accurate and efficient tracking of usage and one-click reporting. This automatic data pull addresses all reportable events and generates appropriate documents for direct submission to the National Health Safety Network.

Expanded functionality also includes a real-time rolling antibiogram with location and source filtering, trending functionality and a filterable days of therapy Report. Today, antibiograms and DOTs are essential components to a high-performing antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP) as they provide critical insight into resistance trends and the effectiveness of ASP initiatives.

Sentri7 enables antimicrobial stewardship teams to efficiently and effectively improve patient care and reduce costs. The solution’s powerhouse combination of technology, services and clinical content lays the needed foundation for high-performing ASPs. Through continuous, real-time aggregation of patient data, Sentri7 automates tracking, identification and reporting of potential antimicrobial issues. The resulting data-driven workflows provide the needed foundation for proactive response. And the results speak for themselves:

Healthcare organizations leveraging Sentri7 to power ASPs are realizing significant return on investment that includes up to a 25% reduction in antimicrobial expenditures and a 35% decrease in antibiotic costs per patient day. Corporate Pharmacy Director Mark Sinnett said: “In the first year of using Sentri7, we saved over $1 million from our ASP. This drug budget savings resulted from lower doses, de-escalation, shorter duration, and avoided medication use.”

In addition, OneSource Clinical Services extends the value of clinical surveillance infrastructures by equipping healthcare organizations with the specific clinical expertise, workflow analysis and change management consulting needed to optimize ASPs. Expert, multidisciplinary teams help hospitals and health systems design programs that address the evolving regulatory climate and position for future oversight and reporting needs through:

  • Ongoing gap analysis
  • Staff development
  • Policy and protocol development
  • Customized actionable, intelligent, measurable alerts and evidence-based clinical guidance
  • Robust clinical and financial reports

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