Improving Antimicrobial Stewardship

High-performing hospitals rely on Antimicrobial Stewardship programs that have the infrastructure, processes, standards and policies to effect change. Wolters Kluwer helps hospitals develop integrated programs that enable them meet the performance standards of The Joint Commission, and equally important, deliver real impact to patient care.

Sentri7 OneSource Clinical Services delivers the gap analysis and program development insights needed for the institution to achieve the CDC core elements of an effective ASP.

Advancing Antimicrobial Efforts

Most healthcare organizations have some antimicrobial processes in place, but often lack the resources and expertise needed to implement a high-performing Antimicrobial Stewardship Program. The challenges associated with manually aggregating and accurately reporting antimicrobial usage data to the National Healthcare Safety Network can also be significant.

Made up of pharmacists and infection preventionists, the Wolters Kluwer MAD-ID-certified clinical services team provides healthcare leaders with a best-practice-based program that offers clear line of sight into the most effective infrastructure and the protocols and workflows needed to implement an impactful, sustainable program.

Our clinical team helps optimize clinical design by providing actionable guidance and ensuring ongoing program improvements. This includes:

  • Current antimicrobial stewardship clinical practices
  • Staffing resources and competencies
  • Relevant policies and protocols
  • IT/Technology needs as it relates to antimicrobial stewardship
  • Executive ownership

The Tools to Succeed

Whether you’ve just started your ASP journey or you’re interested in improving your program, Wolters Kluwer clinical consultants can assess your efforts and results, and deliver an advanced, weighted ASP Performance Scorecard that highlights core elements of high performance, areas of opportunity and benchmarking against other healthcare providers.

An actionable ASP Pathway to Success toolkit affords flexibility, so your organization can mature its program, while maintaining clear accountability and a path to success.

The ASP Toolkit Delivers:

  • Key areas to target for improvement and areas of high performance among 13 evidence-based ASP competency domains.
  • A detailed plan to help forecast current and future program milestones, while aligning resources and timelines.

A shared mission to elevate antimicrobial stewardship, support a culture of quality and patient safety, ensure regulatory compliance and achieve financial success.


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