Clinical Implementation Services

OneSource Clinical Services extends the value of Sentri7 by equipping both clinical and administrative teams with the expertise, workflow analysis, and tailored integration needed to move impactful healthcare initiatives from infancy to maturity.

These clinical implementation services include:

  • Clinical Program Assessment: Sentri7 clinicians review current program state to identify an ideal adoption strategy for electronic surveillance.
  • Workflow Integration: Staff is educated on leveraging clinical surveillance within their own environment to drive program goals and objectives.
  • Policy and Protocol Adherence: Optimal workflows are supported through policy and protocol adherence.
  • Custom Alerts and Suggested Actions: Expert clinical support is provided to align alerts with clinical goals focused on driving clinical quality improvement and sustainability.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Intelligible reports provided to help monitor and optimize program components and surveillance strategies.


Learn how investing in a clinical decision support system saves significant time and resources over customizing EMR-based systems

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