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Helping Hospitals Achieve a Top-of-License Approach to Infection Prevention

Infection prevention professionals face unprecedented pressure in today’s clinical environments. Increased regulatory scrutiny related to healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) coupled with heightened reporting requirements equate to heavy administrative burdens and notable resource draws on these critical functions.

At a time when HAI performance impacts a hospital’s reputation and bottom line in significant ways, infection prevention professionals are often pulled away from the activity that matters most—using their expertise to prevent infections and better equip front-line staff with the skills and knowledge needed to reduce the potentials for HAIs.

Here at Wolters Kluwer, we recognize the struggle and the need for solutions that enable a top of license approach to infection prevention strategies. That’s why we’ve introduced new workflow enhancements into our Sentri7® clinical surveillance solution that are specifically designed to streamline workflows, minimize time spent documenting and reporting and maximize time spent preventing infections.

Complementing Sentri7’s comprehensive approach to helping clinicians track and respond to infection prevention issues, new functionality supports automated identification and reporting of Notifiable Conditions to the National Health Safety Network (NHSN) as well as state and local governing bodies. Infection prevention professionals no longer must sort through patient charts to locate positive cultures and keep up with evolving reporting requirements. Now, Sentri7 automatically tracks and identifies reportable events, generates needed documents, and readies them for one-click reporting through NHSN Direct Send.

One infection preventionist at a 200-bed hospital said: “The ability to send reports directly to NHSN through Sentri7 is a great time saver! With one click, I can send all of my reports straight to NHSN. It has reduced the time I need to spend reporting and freed up time to focus on other infection prevention responsibilities.”

Specifically, the Notifiable Conditions feature supports:

  • automatic identification of reportable cases
  • quick review of lab results
  • generation of pre-filled reports to be submitted

 This feature makes reporting faster and less error prone, enabling clinicians to provide trend reporting and analysis to their infection management departments without manual record keeping. Ultimately Sentri7 drives continuous performance improvement by empowering clinicians to operate smarter and more efficiently in today’s increasingly complex and demanding healthcare environments. In addition to automated reporting of notifiable conditions, our web-based, real-time clinical surveillance and decision support system moves infection prevention from reactive to proactive by:

  • Automating real-time data aggregation of critical patient data from EMRs and other disparate lab and clinical systems on a continuous basis, flagging potential infection and antimicrobial issues quickly to enable proactive clinical response.
  • Providing actionable, risk-stratified information, drawing attention to urgent issues and the greatest opportunities for improvement.
  • Supporting clinicians through dashboards, clinical rules and reports that automatically fit into workflows without IT support.
  • Providing actionable, evidence-based information at the point of care that enables clinicians to immediately address issues, optimize quality and deliver consistent care.

Contact us today to learn more about how Sentri7 can help your organization achieve a top-of-license approach to infection prevention.

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