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How to Boost the Value of Your EMR with a Clinical Surveillance System

In January 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that Meaningful Use, which drove the widespread adoption of electronic medical records and other technology, would be replaced by an outcomes-based program that focuses on the quality of care delivered.

Hospitals with a significant investment in an EMR now have additional incentives to adopt systems that enable real-time surveillance of their populations to find exceptions that require attention, maximize performance on value-based payments, and avoid rising penalties.

To perform well on outcome-based metrics, hospital systems must deliver actionable, exception-based alerts to the right member of the care team at the right time to ensure the highest quality care is delivered to patients. This delivery requires automated aggregation of data combined with clinical intelligence to ensure timely, appropriate care. When sophisticated clinical rules with integrated best practices, guidelines and hospital policies are applied, clinical resources can devote their time to addressing high priority patients.

Without a dedicated clinical decision support system, clinicians should expect that customizing an EMR-based system will consume significant time dedicated to identifying and promoting needs to administrative and IT decision makers, creating and testing tools with developers, implementing systems and training pharmacists and physicians involved. The programming changes required are often associated with substantial software and implementation charges. As a review of the challenges facing hospitals in integrating their EMRs and antimicrobial stewardship programs noted, “the limitations of [an EMR] for ASPs may be greater if the hospital does not have third-party CDSS.”1

What considerations should you take when selecting a clinical surveillance system that complements your EMR? Download our guide to find out: 


Boost the value of your EMR with a clinical surveillance system. Download guide.

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