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Identify Gaps in Your Antimicrobial Stewardship Program with Our Gap Analysis Survey

Developing and implementing an antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP) requires multidisciplinary collaboration and commitment. With many possible starting points and implementation options, teams may be unsure of  what steps should be initiated next.Our Pharmacy OneSource clinicians have created a brief survey to understand where your hospital’s antimicrobial stewardship program currently stands compared to standards from national organizations like IDSA and SHEA. The Antimicrobial Stewardship Gap Analysis survey asks a series of questions about the elements of your program and then providers an indicator of where your program falls—from infancy, to intermediate, to robust and continuously updated.

This survey can help you identify steps to implement that can improve and optimize your ASP. Programs in their infancy often need to expand their antimicrobial stewardship committee to include a broader array of disciplines. these ASPs should move away from time-consuming paper records and manually created spreadsheets and utilize electronic systems to identify patients that are at risk of infection or that may be receiving inappropriate antibiotics. Hospitals with antibiograms that are not updated regularly or that do not reflect the specifics of their facility or community may want to increase the frequency and specificity of their antibiogram.

Programs at the intermediate stage of development may be ready to implement new protocols for de-escalation, duplicative antibiotic review, mandatory 48-hour antibiotic stops without cultures that support a bacterial infection, and IV-to-PO conversion. Next steps for these ASP teams might include documentation of all interventions and acceptance rates by provider or use of an electronic surveillance system to facilitate intervention reporting. Perhaps it’s time to add clinical decision support that streamlines antibiotic prescribing with established preferences for the narrowest agent that treats the indicated infection and calculates the proper dose and duration.

Even high-performing antimicrobial stewardship programs can continue enhancing their program: Does your facility encourage certification in antimicrobial stewardship? Have you optimized your electronic surveillance system for intervention reporting by pharmacist and provider? Is your clinical decision support tailored to your facility’s policies and preferences? Depending on what else you have already implemented, it may be appropriate to add a full-time infectious disease specialist

The survey is brief and provides results upon completion. It’s free, informative and quick. Identify your gaps now by taking the Pharmacy OneSource Antimicrobial Stewardship Gap Analysis Survey.

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