Quantifi®: Pharmacy Intervention Documentation

Quantifi enables you to quickly document and report on interventions, errors and key financial data so you can spend more time on clinical activities that improve care and control costs while effectively demonstrating the value of your pharmacy programs.

Document interventions and identify hard and soft cost savings to demonstrate the value of your pharmacy.

Quantifi helps your facility:

  • Enhance patient care: Document interventions and indicate follow up actions needed and taken, ensuring that patients receive appropriate, optimal care
  • Promote communication with clinicians: Receive email alerts about interventions, adverse drug reactions and medication errors
  • Improve pharmacy performance: Benchmark data from other hospitals using Quantifi and standardized reports make it easier to assess staff, manager and unit productivity and effectiveness
  • Increase awareness of pharmacy contributions: Standardized, visual web-based reports of interventions, errors, intervention acceptance trends and financial impact demonstrate the value of pharmacy activities to management
  • Streamline reporting: User-friendly documentation of clinical activities means fewer activities go unreported and less time is devoted to completing documentation


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