Real-Time Clinical Surveillance

The most advanced clinical surveillance solution has just made monitoring your patient population more reliable and accurate. We’ve added new and more advanced features to detect conditions sooner and connect your clinical initiatives to clinical outcomes.

Sentri7 is proven to help identify infections and trends sooner, reduce readmissions and length of stay, and dramatically decrease the cost of care.

Real-time Patient Monitoring and Interventions

Revolutionizing patient care, Sentri7 helps break down data silos that exist across hospital systems, close patient information gaps, and overcome roadblocks that hinder real-time analysis of a patient condition. Role-based workflows put more control in the hands of front-line care teams.

Smarter: Sentri7 is tuned to workflows of front-line clinicians and the speed in which they need to make care decisions. With the highest levels of specificity and sensitivity in alerts, clinicians have confidence in their decision-making and patient surveillance activities.

Clinically Trusted: Sentri7 clinical content is created and maintained by clinicians and put through a rigorous editorial process that synthesizes the most up-to-date medical information into accurate, trusted, evidence-based alerts and care recommendations designed to achieve important clinical outcomes.

Extends the Value of the EHR: Hospitals have made significant investments in their electronic medical record systems. It’s time to leverage those investments. Sentri7 now integrates with some of the leading EHRs, extending the value of patient data and delivering access to trusted alerts and reference content that allow you to leverage patient data to help find patients who need intervention and to easily comply with regulatory reporting requirements by automatically finding suspect cases for reporting. And when there’s a potential infection outbreak, Sentri7 provides longitudinal analytics on your patient population to help you quickly detect anomalies.

Scales to the Health System: Multi-hospital systems have a unique set of challenges in managing patient safety, compliance and costs. Sentri7 helps support more sophisticated surveillance of the patient population system-wide. With a patchwork of EHRs and systems that make it difficult to harness all of the clinical data associated with patient care – or even a single EHR that can have local variances in medical terms – Sentri7 helps analyze that data for real-time insights on the patient population. The system extracts patient data and normalizes it according to industry standards. Clinicians can then compare outcomes/results through standardized analytics, allowing them to make more-informed decisions about optimizing care – despite local variation.

Pioneering Analytics: Advanced analytics and ready-made reports deliver unprecedented visibility into how their interventions are driving measurable improvement in cost and outcomes performance, to clearly see the trends in important metrics like HAIs, and to quickly find and respond to infection outbreaks.



18% reduction in C.difficile infections (35,000 bed health system)

15% decrease in targeted broad-spectrum antibiotics representing cost savings of $1,621,730


$250,000 in hard cost savings within 6 months


How It Works

The Sentri7 platform can be tailored by hospital clinicians to meet the dynamic challenges they face every day. First, patient data such as lab results, vitals and medication orders are continuously extracted from the hospital’s EMR. Then, proven, evidence-based algorithms are used to identify specific situations that require clinical attention and real-time alerts are communicated to clinicians so they can take immediate, appropriate action. Finally, outcomes are evaluated and reports allow teams to adjust their programs as necessary to consistently improve patient care.



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