Reduce Antibiotic Usage

Antimicrobial stewardship is an organizational priority mandated by standards released from The Joint Commission and CMS to address growing concerns over antimicrobial resistance. With reimbursement and patient safety at stake, Sentri7 helps hospitals and health systems improve appropriate use of antibiotics, while arming clinicians with information to minimize drug costs, prevent harm, or avoid a potential medical situation.

Sentri7 helps hospitals quickly improve drug utilization and identify cost-saving opportunities to deliver tangible impacts on quality and expense. Care teams depend on Sentri7’s high-impact alerts to guide proper therapy, flag antimicrobial misuse, and identify opportunities to contain drug costs by proactively flagging drug substitutes.

Sentri7 gives us the ability to manage our larger target clinical initiatives like AMS, as well as tailor our own rules as necessary, which gives us a lot of flexibility and control. We’ve seen a reduction of about $2 million in AMS spend alone since the inception of the program, as well as better patient outcomes.

 ~Matt Baldwin, Pharm.D, Executive Director of Pharmacy for Aultman Hospital, part of a 1032-bed not-for-profit hospital system located in Ohio.


5x increase in clinical interventions to improve appropriate use of antimicrobials


40% increase in antibiotic interventions


15% decrease in targeted broad-spectrum antibiotics representing cost savings of $1,621,730


3.9% reduction in days of therapy


Antimicrobial stewardship is only as successful as the program that supports a hospital’s efforts. Wolters Kluwer clinical experts help care teams develop robust programs based on a hospital’s current efforts and the actions required to align with the CDC core elements of an effective antimicrobial stewardship program. Learn more about Wolters Kluwer clinical services.

Patient Identification

Access hundreds of out-of-the-box rules aligned with core AMS guidelines and the latest evidence-based practices.

  • One-click to implement rules—no IT support required—including:
    • Antimicrobial agent selection
    • Redundant coverage
    • Drug-bug mismatches
    • Optimal drug dosing
    • Track restricted drugs
    • Therapeutic substitutes
    • IV-to-oral conversions
    • Duration of therapy
    • C. difficile infection risk scoring  

Pharmacy Workflow

  • Prioritize patients in a centralized dashboard and receive real-time alerts
  • Ease of reporting to regulatory bodies, including The Joint Commission and CMS:
    • One-click to submit NHSN reports, including Antimicrobial Resistance and Use (AUR) Reports
    • On-demand, 12-month rolling antibiogram

Analytics & Reporting

  • Robust operational and clinical analytics to inform continuous improvement.
  • Sentri7’s AMS Analytics application includes:
    • Facility and system-level metrics
    • Key metrics to monitor adherence to AMS policies and procedures:
      • intervention activity by drugs, class and clinician prescribing patterns, days of therapy and more
    • Access SAAR (Standardized Antimicrobial Administration Ratio) benchmarking to easily calculate and compare facilities to peers


See how United Regional Healthcare uses Sentri7 to support their antimicrobial stewardship program.


Supporting the Workflow



Know the relevant goals and timelines for the National Action Strategy for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Understand regulations, guidelines, penalties and preparation to build your antimicrobial stewardship program

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