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Sentri7 helps effectively navigate new compliance mandates and reporting requirements, while arming clinicians with the tools to save lives and costs. Learn more about our purpose-built suite of solutions and how SoleSource Solutions’ clients are adding value to patient care and the bottom line.

Sentri7 can help impact patient care through evidence-based recommendations of optimal medication therapy for patients.



15 million in clinical interventions each year


A half-million patients monitored at any given moment

More than $85 million in hard cost savings in one year


$648 million in medical cost avoidance over a one-year period


Solutions Purpose-Built for the Pharmacy
More than knowing. Doing.
More than treating. Preventing.

The SoleSource platform is an integrated suite of clinical surveillance solutions and advanced analytics capabilities. Powered by evidence-based content, including intelligent alerts, clinicians are able to identify hospital-acquired infections and medication errors earlier and faster. Manage antimicrobial stewardship programs, help rein in drug costs, and identify gaps in medication-related care. All with one powerful platform.

More than technology. Expertise.

Developed by clinicians for clinicians, the SoleSource solution suite is built on deep clinical expertise, enabling it to:

  • Deliver the most advanced clinical decision support capabilities built on the latest evidence by relying on our expert team of physicians, nurses, infection preventionists and pharmacists.
  • Infuse expertise into products and the content that powers clinical decision-making.
  • Keep SoleSource solution platform on the cutting edge of clinical practice and advancing technologies.


Learn how pharmacists at Thomas Jefferson University use Sentri7 to improve quality of care

Supporting the Pharmacy Workflow



Learn how investing in a clinical decision support system saves significant time and resources over customizing EMR-based systems

“We’ve been able to see some changes in our MICs… We’ve been able to reduce our carbapenem use, our quinolone use, so we’re pretty happy about that. The reward is definitely worth it; you can see through your antibiogram that good changes are happening.”

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