Simplifi 797®

Simplifi 797 is a turnkey web-based quality management system that simplifies and automates ongoing compliance with essential USP Chapter 795, 797 and 800 requirements for safety and risk mitigation—including customizable tasks, real-time alerts, advanced analytics, competency evaluations, staff training, risk management and quality assurance practices necessary for a safe and efficient compounding environment.

With Simplifi 797, you can centrally manage your pharmacy’s compliance program from anywhere. Whether you need tools and resources for compliance for USP Chapter 795, 797 or 800, or any combination of them, Simplifi 797 is flexible, customizable, and scalable to meet the needs of your pharmacy.

“Simplifi 797 is the most comprehensive quality management solution available for enacting proper policies and procedures, elevating staff competencies, streamlining cleanroom operations and most importantly, protecting patients and staff from the risks of sterile and hazardous drug compounding.”

– Eric S. Kastango, MBA, BSPharm, FASHP

Using Simplifi 797 enables your compounding staff to:

  • Ensure staff and patient safety: 24/7 monitoring and alerts to QA plan deviations, overdue task and other key notifications allow compliance and safety initiatives to be monitored in real time.
  • Maximize operational efficiency: Simplify, streamline and automate cleanroom operations, enhance and automate compliance tracking documentation, and ensure trouble-free regulatory inspections – everything needed to maintain compliance with half the resources.
  • Standardize training and best practices: Web-based compounding training streamlines staff competency validation and offers easy access to CE Credit, while a comprehensive list of observational staff competencies helps validate proficiency and sterile cleanroom operations.
  • Scale for health systems: Best practices can easily be streamlined and standardized across multiple locations, while system-level risk, trends and deviations are more rapidly identified and communicated with on-demand reporting capabilities.
  • Access compounding best practices: Receive facility-specific QA plans and policies and procedures that evolve as best practices and chapter requirements do.


Why Simplifi 797?


Take the first steps toward compliance with USP 797 standards

Accuracy of CSPs and ensuring a state of control are both needed in a cleanroom

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