StaffReady®  Scheduling: Online Pharmacy Staff Scheduling

StaffReady Scheduling is an online scheduling system that takes the stress out of shift trades, staff shortages, and fractured schedule communications. Smart, automated processes optimize staffing levels and ensure dramatic reductions in time spent managing your pharmacy schedules.

StaffReady Scheduling offers a smart, fully transparent online scheduling solution that enables convenient web access via desktop, tablet or smart phone for all managers and staff.

The cloud-based StaffReady Scheduling solution offers a smart, transparent scheduling solution that requires no IT staff or additional software.

With StaffReady Scheduling, you can:

  • Fully manage schedules online: Easily view staffing gaps and assign shifts from any device.
  • Improve communication and morale: Schedule changes show in real time and for everyone to see.
  • Reduce scheduling errors: Audit logs track changes and requests for improved clarity and reduced errors.
  • Maximize resources: Identify overtime issues and efficiently fill open shifts by offering available times for bidding by selected staff.

StaffReady is a registered trademark of Maplewood Software Inc.
Pharmacy OneSource is an authorized reseller of the StaffReady software


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