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Sentri7 Receives Highest Marks for Driving Antimicrobial Stewardship Outcomes from KLAS

Forward-looking clinical leaders increasingly recognize that the right technological infrastructure is critical to supporting these efforts. They also know that a solution’s return on investment (ROI) is intrinsically linked to one factor: outcomes improvement.

We are proud to announce that a recent KLAS report rated Sentri7 highest among its peers for driving tangible antimicrobial stewardship outcomes. The leading research group’s “Antimicrobial Stewardship 2017” report gave the clinical surveillance solution high marks for quality interventions that lead to better outcomes, ease of use and its customizable platform.

Our expert team appreciates the customer feedback provided to KLAS that demonstrates our ongoing commitment to helping healthcare organizations advance their antimicrobial stewardship programs regardless of their level of maturity or available resources:

“Sentri7 Antimicrobial Stewardship is really easy to use. We can make a lot of customizations to it and can quickly and effectively write any rules that our organization might need. If I were sitting in a meeting and someone asked a question about what is happening with our patients on a certain medication, I could write a rule and have the answer in front of me within a minute.”

“Sentri7 Antimicrobial Stewardship is definitely a good tool for helping us monitor things and make sure we are using the appropriate interventions on the patients who really need those interventions.”

“I would give Wolters Kluwer top marks regarding customer service. When we call them, they get right back to us, and they tell us what is going on and whether there is an interface down or something like that. Wolters Kluwer also seems to reach out to us to let us know about any changes, updates or things like that.”

Sentri7 customers especially appreciate the robust rules library that optimally aligns interventions around key antimicrobial stewardship strategies. In fact, our superior approach starts with the end goal in mind—better outcomes—and builds clinical workflows around that aim. Our extensive work with partners in the field combined with knowledge of the current literature and best practices are reflected in the metrics and reports Sentri7 uses to demonstrate the performance of an effective, outcomes-driven stewardship program. The solution’s ROI is demonstrated in clinical outcomes, financial outcomes, process and structural measures and also regulatory mandates that are related to stewardship, infection prevention and general infection management.

Sentri7 is also the 2017 KLAS category leader for Clinical Decision Support – Surveillance with top honors for General Satisfaction, Functionality, Service and Support. The report highlighted Sentri7 as the only CDS solution to have a significant impact on outcomes. This differentiator comes as no surprise to the Sentri7 team as our clients regularly document measurable value for antimicrobial stewardship that includes:

  • 15-25% reduction in antimicrobial expenditures and savings of $750,000 per year on average
  • 15% reduction in HAIs, 56% reduction in C. Diff and 49% reduction in CAUTI
  • 35% decrease in antibiotic costs per patient day
  • Increase in the number of clinical interventions to improve appropriate use of antimicrobials by 54-750% 

Based heavily on IDSA-SHEA Guidelines for Antimicrobial Stewardship, our content set works in tandem with real-time surveillance and monitoring to address the scope of antimicrobial use from initial selection to optimizing (empiric) therapy to ensuring the optimal dose and route are utilized. The culture and medication surveillance rule types also reflect the monitoring that clinicians undertake at a population level to scrutinize drug use information, microbiology data and other information that informs performance improvement opportunities.

In addition to the tools highlighted in the KLAS report, Sentri7 supports robust days-of-therapy (DOT) reporting and one-click antimicrobial use (AU) reporting to the CDC’s National Health Safety Network. Plans are in place to continue our vision of adding value to Sentri7 to impact and influence antimicrobial stewardship outcomes. The future roadmap includes the addition of reports and rules that better reflect the efforts of antimicrobial stewardship teams in their quest to improve antibiotic use and better manage patient care.

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