Clinical Surveillance

Sentri7 is part of the Wolters Kluwer family of clinical content solutions that complement the investment hospitals have made in their IT infrastructure by integrating clinical evidence with surveillance and decision-support to improve patient safety, manage risk and reduce costs.

“We’ve gone from a reactive clinical group to a proactive clinical group. It’s been dramatic.”

Robert Adamson
Corporate Vice President,
Clinical Pharmacy Services
Barnabas Health

Sentri7 constantly monitors medication and culture data to deliver actionable, intelligent and measurable alerts in real time to ensure that patients receive the most effective, most appropriate care as soon as possible. By leveraging your EMR infrastructure with Wolters Kluwer’s clinical content and expertise – which allows clinicians to operate smarter and more efficiently – Sentri7 is proven to assist in optimizing medication therapy, reduce readmissions, hospital acquired infections, and length of stay.

Small, community hospitals to large, multi-hospital systems find that Sentri7 helps them to transform to a more proactive care delivery system; implement standardized, evidence-based practices and decision-making; as well as improve the quality of care while improving efficiency and decreasing costs.

This flexible software platform can be easily tailored by clinicians to meet the dynamic challenges they face every day.



46% decrease in time spent on NHSN reporting


5x Increase in clinical interventions to improve appropriate use of antimicrobials


3X savings in ADE from $1.4 million to $5.1 million in 1 year



Antimicrobial Stewardship

  • Antimicrobial agent selection: electronic rolling, 12-month antibiogram
  • Culture surveillance: de-escalation, drug-bug mismatch notification
  • Days of therapy reporting
  • Antimicrobial dose and route optimization: renal dosing, PK monitoring,
  • IV-to-oral conversions


  • Medication management and cost containment
  • Dose and route optimization: renal dosing, IV-to-oral conversions
  • ADE prevention and early detection
  • High-risk drug monitoring
  • Regulatory and quality measure compliance

Infection Prevention

  • Manage Isolation Patients
  • Early investigation and alerting of HAIs
  • Reduce surveillance time
  • Streamline reporting to NHSN

Opioid Stewardship

  • Real-time alerts to identify patients at risk
  • Out-of-the-box rules to identify ADE prevention and/or treatment, duration of therapy/de-escalation opportunity, general use surveillance, possible therapeutic omission
  • Analytics dashboard provides a centralized view of performance including opioid use by drug, #s of naloxone admin, top locations for opioid use, use per visit, top providers

POC Advisor for Sepsis

  • Detect Sepsis 6-8 hours earlier
  • Peer-reviewed and scientifically proven
  • Improve clinician adherence to evidence-based care by improving confidence in alerting
  • Deliver highly sensitive (99%) and specific (98%) alerts to the point of care
  • Empower front-line staff with guidance to initiative timely and effective treatment
  • Improve reporting and compliance with CMS


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