Sterile Compounding Quality Management System

Following a series of high-profile events in recent years, national healthcare governing bodies and state boards of pharmacy have increased regulatory scrutiny on compounding practices in light of harmful outcomes that have resulted from errors.

Simplifi 797 helps to ensure that sterile and hazardous medications are compounded in compliance with the highest safety standards.

These regulations for compounding sterile and nonsterile preparations help protect patients from compounding errors:

  • USP Chapter 797 is designed to cut down on infections transmitted to patients through compounded medications and to better protect pharmacy staff.
  • USP Chapter 800 increases protection for pharmacy staff and other healthcare workers who come in contact with hazardous drugs.



Ensure staff and patient safety

Ensure regulatory compliance

Maximize operational efficiency


Best practices for hazardous drug compounding including hand hygiene, C-PECs and C-SECs, decontamination, cleaning and disinfection

Review the key elements of performing an assessment of risk

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