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Spotlight on Clinical Surveillance: The Sentri7 Value Proposition

In recent years, the use of clinical surveillance technology has emerged as a proven best practice for delivering proactive, quality-focused care that drives tangible outcomes improvement. Hospitals are increasingly leveraging the streamlined, data-driven workflows powered by these solutions for high-level initiatives such as infection prevention, antimicrobial stewardship and medication management.

Sentri7®, a leading clinical surveillance and clinical decision support (CDS) solution, has played a significant role in this evolution for the past 12 years. Backed by a leading team of clinicians and IT experts, the solution earned top honors in the latest KLAS report for general satisfaction, functionality service and support. It was also rated as the only CDS solutions to have a significant impact on outcomes.

In a recent interview, Steve Riddle, PharmD, BCPS, FASHP, director of clinical development with Wolters Kluwer Pharmacy OneSource, offered insights into key differentiators that make Sentri7 a superior clinical surveillance option.

How does clinical surveillance, and specifically Sentri7, deliver value to hospitals and health systems?

Steve Riddle, PharmD, BCPS, FASHP: When we consider the overall value of a product like Sentri7, our team here at Pharmacy OneSource breaks it down into three primary buckets.

  1. Outcomes. The bottom line on any clinical surveillance product is that it must help hospitals and health systems meet their clinical, financial and regulatory outcomes goals. These solutions stand out in the market due to their ability to aggregate and deliver real-time clinical information in an actionable way to circumvent avoidable adverse events and unnecessary high-cost treatments.

    Sentri7 has proven its ability to do this repeatedly, generating cost savings in the multiple millions for many organizations. In fact, one large hospital system recouped $16 million to the bottom line its first year. In addition, it is not uncommon for hospitals to realize between 50 percent and 100 percent increases in clinical activities and interventions, driving clinical outcomes improvements around patient safety, such as healthcare-associated infections and adverse drug events.

  2. Time to value. When you implement our solution, you achieve those outcomes and goals faster than with other approaches. Our implementation teams are skilled at getting into clinical environments and quickly assessing needs, gaps in care and current systems. We then design implementation and integration plans that get healthcare organizations up and running fast. Also, our customers continually provide positive feedback on Sentri7’s ease of use. Clinicians understand the technology because it’s very intuitive.
  3. Expertise. Anyone who has watched the health IT movement unfold knows the impact of a poor implementation plan. The Sentri7 clinical team has been honing its skills and expertise for 12 years. We have a large team of clinicians heavily involved in building our products and content as well as ensuring our customers’ clinical goals are understood and targeted. All of this expertise expands up into the Wolters Kluwer umbrella where the CDS value proposition is unmatched through such industry leading solutions as UpToDate and Clinical Drug Information

Can you detail important functionality considerations in a clinical surveillance product?

Steve Riddle: The goal of any CDS platform is to find the patients that matter, get the clinicians to them quickly and reduce the distracting “alert” noise.

On the technical side of the house, a customer-facing rules engine enables clinicians to build specific use-case alerts within several minutes. Those alerts can be tested immediately and tweaked over time until it produces the desired outcome. So, the technical side offers significant flexibility.

At the same time, we offer a very sophisticated content package aimed at addressing high-level clinical initiatives such as infection prevention, antimicrobial stewardship and medication management. These alerts may include  many criteria based on complex logic to reduce the issue of false positives that affects many CDS products. We’ve worked hard to balance out the technical offering we provide with premium content that is accurate and well validated.

How is clinical surveillance integrated across large multiple hospital systems?

Steve Riddle: One thing we’ve seen in healthcare industry is incredible consolidation. As hospitals are added to larger health system networks, the complexities of bringing together multiple EHRs and disparate systems are sizable.

When implementing Sentri7, we have dealt with all of that to a greater extent than most of our competitors. For instance, our customers include two of the largest health systems in the country, both with well over 100 hospitals. Through those successful implementations, our team has become skilled at understanding the needs and nuances of large hospital integrations. We now have refined implementation methodologies that consider the challenges of working with multiple EHR vendors and integration plans.

Does Sentri7 have anything new on the horizon?
Steve Riddle: Our team continues to partner with health systems across the country to refine our product line and innovate. For instance, in recent years we have worked with health systems on projects specifically related to hospital-acquired pneumonia and sepsis to develop a rules-based approach to proactively addressing these conditions. The projects are so successful that some hospitals have opted to eliminate other alerting mechanisms, such as manual and EMR-based approaches, and instead use Sentri7 as the default.

The healthcare community can also expect some upcoming announcements about how we are expanding our gap analysis and antimicrobial services through OneSource Clinical Services. A new, comprehensive offering promises to help healthcare organizations bridge the gap between current state and high performance with antimicrobial stewardship programs.

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