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The Role of Healthcare IT in Antimicrobial Stewardship

Last month Health System Management published a feature story about the Role of Healthcare IT in Antimicrobial Stewardship written by Dr. Justin Clark, clinical program manager-pharmacy and fellowship director for Pharmacy OneSource.

In the article, Dr. Clark states that although most healthcare organizations have some antimicrobial processes in place, he asks whether they “are they enough?”  He suggests that aligning with current industry movements will require comprehensive programs based on industry-respected models such as that laid out by the CDC. He states that approaches to antimicrobial stewardship are varied and the results are mixed and continues to suggest that in order to optimize the impact of ASPs it is critical that the industry standardize around best practices.  These best practices might include:

 “In tandem with CDC core elements, health systems that have high-performing ASPs increasingly find that a two-pronged strategy leveraging advanced surveillance technology and workflow governance delivers the desired outcomes.”

In summary, Dr. Clark states that antimicrobial stewardship it is an opportunity that can better position healthcare organizations to address risk-based care delivery. He concludes by saying organizations that take steps now to design impactful programs and invest in the right infrastructures will reap the benefits.

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