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Webinar Preview – What is More Important: Sterility or Accuracy of Compounded Sterile Preparations?

Touting the sterility of compounded sterile preparations (CSPs) over accuracy of their preparation is as absurd as arguing which wing of an airplane is most important, according to industry experts Jerry Fahrni, PharmD and Mark Neuenschwander.

IV workflow systems can be effective to ensure that the correct ingredients, in the correct amounts, are added to CSPs. However, barcode verification, image capture and gravimetric systems cannot safeguard against the contamination of compounded preparations.

IV workflow systems help to ensure the accuracy of CSP but without using a system to ensure that your compounding practices are maintaining a state of control is like flying with only one wing!

In our webinar on August 17, Eric S. Kastango RPh, MBA, FASHP will provide a holistic view of how sterility and accuracy can and should be incorporated in all sterile compounding operations.

Complementing an IV workflow system with a comprehensive web-based staff training and quality management solution aligned to USP Chapter 797 – like Simplifi 797 – is an easy and effective way to protect both the accuracy and sterility of CSPs in your facility. 

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